lord, beer me strength

i reject your reality and substitute my own.
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it bothers me when i see girls from my class in high school post this on facebook or pinterest. i understand their need to be special, to feel like part of a group. i was born and raised in florida, but i do not feel southern. granted my family had just moved from new york so sipping sweet tea on our front porch wasn’t a big part of my childhood (ok, it wasn’t ANY part of my childhood). and i’m guessing if you lived in the same town as me the most ‘southern’ thing you found yourself doing was walking outside without shoes (that’s a no-no in the midwest apparently), eating watermelon during the summer and, yes, the beer most likely does apply. i guess to me central florida doesn’t seem so southern. i’m not a southern girl- i’m a florida girl. i don’t know what a moon pie or sun drop is, but i know a lot about hurricanes and manatees. I understand rip tides and know how to get out of them. i can spot a tourist a mile away and can probably tell you which european country they came from. i measure travel in time, not distance.

in conclusion, you are in florida and you don’t have a southern accent. you are from the south, you are not ‘southern’. i’m not even going to get into the fact that this stupid thing manages contradicts itself in only five sentences. i mean, which is it? is being southern a state of mind or do you have to be born that way?


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    I am southern and this shit pisses me off. To me it just says, “I’m a southern girl and incapable of independent...
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    REAL TALK. I’m from South Florida. I grew up going to 4-H and rodeos. I know how to rope cattle, I fucking love sweet...
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