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i reject your reality and substitute my own.
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wow, what a bad blogger i am!

sporadic instagram postings do not a blog make! shame on me! i’ll try to write in here more. there’s so much going on sometimes it’s hard to get online, but i’ve always enjoyed keeping a blog, so i’m going to try harder.

starting now!

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for anyone who has friends with kids

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me likey

i added a likes link to the right over there <- because i like some pretty sweet stuff. and now you can see it too! woohoo!

so much easier!

in reference to this post and not important things that don’t matter, i signed up with blog lovin so i can follow all my non tumblr blogs all in one place. so far it seems pretty cool. if you want you can follow my blog with bloglovin too.

currently playing in my head because i totally just upgraded some code in my theme. i pulled out some old school myspace tricks and i kicked that html’s ass! and now my blog is all cute and shit, got some extra links, keeping track of time like i like. hoverin over links and all.

hells yea.

stupid crap

maybe i’m just spoiled because i’ve been blogging (and following and reblogging and stalking) on tumblr for more than two years, but how does one keep up on other blogs if they don’t show up in your dashboard?! believe me, i’ve been writing for the sake of writing to no one in particular and putting it on this random giant hole called the internet since, well, since 2004. i had a blogger and before that a livejournal (oh boy), but back then i don’t think there was a way to follow people. at least not the way you do on tumblr.

but lately i’m finding more and more blogs i want to follow on blogspot and i’m getting sick of bookmarking and checking every single one of them. i want to yell at all those people ‘GET ON TUMBLR SO MY LIFE WILL BE EASIER!!!’ 


New layout!

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I’m feeling like not writing right now, mostly because I don’t think I have anything exciting to said (do I ever?). Anyway I think it’s time to travel back in time to my old blog. I want need to delete it soon, so I figure I’ll move the semi-interesting entertaining posts over here. I suppose one day I’ll have delete my LiveJournal too. I’m sure there’s nothing in there worth keeping.


"My life is a septic tank filled to overflowing."- Joel Godard

OK, even though February wasn’t that long of a month I sure think it felt long. Working doubles sucks, midterms suck, and as you should have been able to guess by now I live my life believing almost everything sucks. You didn’t guess that though did you. You suck. In which case I suck too. Writing (among other things) gets pushed to the back burner when my life gets the least bit stressful. The things that I focus during those hard times includes, but is not limited to: watching television (not analyzing or studying the history of it like a good communication student), staying up late for absolutely no good reasonable reason (instead of ….SLEEPING), eating fast food like they were outlawing it tomorrow (instead of …actually I always do this so I don’t know what other alternatives are out there) and drinking while studying for the before mentioned sucky midterms (is that what average people do?) Despite all of that stupid shit February is over! Time to spend time with what really matters….which I guess means the World Wide Web and celebrity-like figures I’ll never meet.

I really should write in here a little, but it’s (kinda) late and I’m trying to go to bed early (so I can get up early, duh!).  So, I’d love to talk, but maybe another time! :)

Halo says “good night!”

EDIT: I will however say that I thought of yet another blog idea.  It’s going to be epic epidemic!!!


My weekend was pretty uneventful.  Friday I worked a double and after work I was supposed to meet Allie and Nikki for drinks and dancing, but of course they were wasted before I even got off work, so I just went home.  Saturday I had major plans for the entire day, but honestly, working Monday through Friday in downtown Chicago makes Saturdays seem like the perfect day to sit inside and do nothing. So that’s what I did.  I didn’t go to the bank or wash any dirty laundry.  I didn’t take Halo for a walk, or the city turn its lights on.  It was admitably boring, but also nice.

Today, Allie and I worked on a little video thing for The Boys Club.  It’s like their our comedy group and I guess one day we’ll be famous.  They started it in Philly and now I am a part of it in Chicago.  Nikki wasn’t feeling well today, so it’s just Allie and I in the video we made.  I love editing for some strange reason, so today was a good day.  I think the video is pretty funny.  Hopefully we’ll be making more soon.  I definitely need to practice because I suck at acting.  Oh, and I absolutely hate the sound of my voice.  I suppose that’s why I’ve always liked writing.  Yea, you definitely won’t be seeing any video blogs here!  The Boys Club Funny or Die page is here and the video we made today is below!