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high tea

so in july i had my bridal shower with my family and mom’s friends. mike’s mom julie wasn’t able to come so she and one of my bridesmaids, kristen, gathered up what few people i know here and had a sort of “personal” bridal shower thing. last saturday we all went to the palm court at the drake hotel for high tea. it was amazing. there was only eight of us, but it was fun. we had champagne and tea (well, i had a cappuccino) and finger sandwiches, pastries and candies. everything was delicious. it was a bit touristy and not everyone was dressed up, but the room was gorgeous. there was harp player. a harp player!

since it was a “personal” shower I got a few presents from victoria’s secret, but mostly gift cards. I am so thankful for everything. throwing the shower was a really nice thing to do for a girl who has managed to live somewhere for almost three years (wow that’s a long time) and still has yet to make a lot of friends.