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i reject your reality and substitute my own.
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HA! I have the softest robe in Florida, NOT YOU!

Woo! Gossip Girl DVD and a Blair headband!

  • Mom: Are you OK?
  • Aunt Sandy: Yea, are you sick or something?
  • Aunt Jodi: Why?
  • Mom: You're wearing a sweater.
  • Aunt Sandy: And it's about 100 degrees in here!
  • Aunt Jodi: Oh, I didn't get much sleep last night. And when I don't get enough sleep I don't feel well the next day and I just get cold.
  • Mom: Oh, you didn't get any sleep?
  • Aunt Jodi: I got a few hours. Just not enough, and it wasn't because of sex.
  • Mom: I hear ya.
  • Aunt Sandy: Oh it never is.
  • Me: This is awkward...

Delicious crab rangoon. I burnt my hand taking these babies outta the oven. OUCH.

One day behind.

So  last night I was going to write about Christmas Eve and describe how awful it is for my family ever year, but I seriously fell asleep on top of my computer I was so tired. So I’ll just talk about Christmas Eve on Christmas and you’ll just have to deal with it! 

Christmas Eve for my family usually includes my mom just generally freaking the fuck out. She cleans and bakes and cooks and yells at us kids. So then we have to clean and cook and wish that we had a different family. My dad is usually at work all day because Christmas Eve is actually a pretty busy day at the restaurant. Something about people wanting to be together during holidays, I guess? My mom lets my sister, brother and I open one present (pajamas) that night, then maybe we watch a movie. My dad finally comes home and we go to bed. Then my mom and dad fight. They yell and curse at one another. Then my mom cries and my dad tries to ignore her. I know parents fight sometimes, I just don’t know why they feel Christmas Eve is the most appropriate night. So to drown out the yelling I usually watch a cheesy Christmas movie. Usually The Family Stone. I love that movie.

This year none of that happened. 

I got lunch from Publix (oh how I’ve missed Publix) and sat at the river and ate with a friend. It was amazing outside. I never realized how beautiful Florida was until I lived somewhere cold. It was just the most unbelievable prettiest day. AND IT WAS CHRISTMAS EVE! So then we went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. The weather was perfect and there weren’t any lines at all. And the new Simpsons ride was AWESOME. Then we had a homemade pasta dinner around 9pm-ish and then I went home. I feel bad I didn’t see my family at all, but we did do the dinner and a movie thing the night before. This Christmas Eve was just totally different from any other day, and it was a good day! :)

Ahh, Florida! :)

Christmas Eve in Florida. 

Merry Christmas from Rockefeller Center in NYC in Universal Studios in Orlando, FL!

The cookies.

The supplies.

My cookies.

My six year old nephew Jacob uses the icing as a sort of glue. He doesn’t really frost the cookies so much as stick sprinkles to them.

Finally Home

Yes, I still call my parent’s house, Rockledge and Florida all home. I can’t help it. 

I’ve only been home for a day and a half and I’ve already had a lot of fun. The Christmas party was awesome. I got complete wasted because I don’t have a car here so I knew I wasn’t driving so why not! Plus at the restaurant in Rockledge I feel safe and know everyone. I can left my guard down and just have fun. I def don’t do that in Chicago, which is why Chicago hasn’t seen anything yet! It was nice to see people from work, even if I wasn’t that close to them to begin with. At the party I did a little bartending, a little dancing on the bar (luckily those pictures didn’t come out! Good job, camera!) and a lot of drinking. I also found out everybody know about GetDownDuo and checks it out religiously. AWKWARD. It was so nice to see the people I’ve missed and catch up. You already know!

Today I had breakfast with a friend at a classic Rockledge establishment that recently reopened. Then I came home and slept until like 2pm! It was amazing to be able to get some sleep- I’ve been needing it! Then my sister and nephews came over and we made Christmas cookies. A-dor-able. Now I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing tonight. I have no car! Who wants to come pick me up?

Also, my fingers are doing better. I think the fingers on my left hand are fine. They don’t even really hurt anymore. My right hand still hurts, but I’m forcing myself to move it and such. Typing isn’t too bad anymore, but I still can’t make a fist.

But I can still kick your ass!

Xmas movies

  • Meredith Morton: So what was I doing in your dream? You never got to finish.
  • Ben Stone: You were shovelling snow.
  • Meredith Morton: I... What?
  • Ben Stone: You were just a little girl in a flannel night gown. And you were shovelling snow from the walk in front of our house.
  • Ben Stone: And I was the snow. I was the snow and everywhere it landed and everything it covered. You scoop me up with a big red shovel.
  • Ben Stone: You scoop me up.

Don’t resist!! It’s Christmastime!