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the rehearsal dinner

i wish i could say my entire wedding experience was fun and amazing. for the most part it was. i’m a producer so planning, producing and pulling off this sort of stuff is my job. planning our wedding was just like working extended hours, not too bad.

unfortunately for you, my blog is not about making it seem like everything is great and exciting in my life. at some points planning a wedding does suck. mike and i did fight about some things. having five out of town bridesmaids and an entire out of town family makes things worse. but i think everything mike and i went through was pretty standard. we had highs and lows and we had finally made it to the rehearsal dinner!

the rehearsal dinner was when i was at my most worst self. i was stressed out, tired and angry. angry at chicago for its shitty traffic; angry at the hotel for messing up my room; angry at my family for being to crazy; angry at mike for not answering his phone; angry at myself for feeling so disorganized. the whole time getting ready for and walking to the rehearsal dinner i was having a freak out. most of it internally of course.

by the time everyone made it to the restaurant i had not really calmed down. i think the night went well, but i was starting to feel nervous about the next day and it was showing. hopefully everyone else had a good time! all i can say about myself is that i got through it. haha, it sounds like i was miserable- i can promise i wasn’t. i think it was better than i’m making it sound, i can just really remember how stressed i was.

matching sweaters!

the best part by far of the rehearsal dinner was our groom’s cake. a stylist at work made it for us. it was a hit. it tasted delicious (chocolate, chocolate, chocolate) and looked amazing. i mean, look at it! that is a nes!! and our names on the controllers was just the icing on the literally cake (yes, that is a cake pun and yes, i did it on purpose).

oops, they caught us not posing!

yes, smiles. happy. everybody is happy. smiling

the rehearsal

so, the day before our wedding we had our rehearsal, which could be descripted as quick and dirty. we were only supposed to have an hour to run through the ceremony, set up tables and centerpieces and communicate anything and everything to cari, our venue contact. we did end up being there for almost two hours, but, boy, did they go fast! luckily i had the help of my two sisters, my brother, my soon to be brother in law, seven of mike’s friends and my 6 bridesmaids. they all worked like machines to help get everything thing in the venue and looking pretty. as i mentioned before we did go through the ceremony, which was freaky. that’s when i realized¬†holy shit this is happening. this is happening tomorrow.¬†

of course, by the time we finished we had to hurry back to the hotel to get ready for the rehearsal dinner, which was at 6 pm. chicago rush hour traffic on a friday did help us one bit. by the time we got back to the hotel and got the right room (yes, the first room they gave me had people in it, so that set me back quite a bit time-wise) i didn’t even have time to shower! needless to say at that point i was pretty stressed out. there were only a couple of horrible moments during our wedding weekend and that was definitely one of them.

below are some very blurry pictures for our rehearsal. next up, the rehearsal dinner!

the wedding party

owen had everything under control. so glad he was there!

practicing walking

the guys

the girls

and us!