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does it bother anyone else that black friday now starts on thursday? i’m all for the deals and crazy that goes along with it, but midnight is as early as black FRIDAY should go. amirite?

on a semi related note, happy thanksgiving!!! hope your day was great and you got to eat some amazing food. i always have a lot to be thankful for, but i think this year my new husband takes the cake. he did an awesome job on our turkey and i love him for it (and for many other reasons). 

t-minus two days til t-day

so it’s getting close to thanksgiving and i don’t know if i mentioned this, but mike and i are hosting. on the menu:


stuffing with roasted red peppers, spinach and boursin cheese

mashed potatoes

cranberry sauce (homemade and canned)

roasted brussel sprouts


mac and cheese

cresent rolls

mini pies

those are the items i am making with mike’s family bringing things like broccoli cheese casserole, wine and sweet potatoes.

i’m excited to host, but i’m also nervous. i seem to have forgotten how to cook. i can’t figure out how long it will take to boil potatoes, or how much cheese to put in the stuffing, or how many brussel sprouts i should make to feed nine people. i think these things will instinctively come back to me once i start cooking (and also, when in doubt, make more), but right now it’s driving me crazy!

hellooooooooooo november

get ready for an exciting post!!!!

i’m starting to get busy at work- just at mike’s workload is getting lighter, mine is getting heavier. it sucks to be on different schedules, but i should only be crazy for the next three weeks. then i’ll get to be crazy about thanksgiving, which we are having at our house this year. woo hoo! i love throwing a party and i love cooking, but thanksgiving is an entirely different beast. i’m not sure if mike knows this, but i told him he is in charge of the turkey… should be interesting…

after years of resisting i will probably be getting an iphone soon. i am due for an upgrade and sprint just got the iphone and i feel as though it is fate. can someone reassure me that i won’t have stupid problems on one? and that i won’t have to update it like every week? also i would really like a traffic app that actually works? 

i think i’m going to get my hair cut on thursday. i’m talkin bangs and short. not bob short, but over the shoulders short. that’s pretty short for me. i have threatened this before…

i should also mention it’s getting cold here. well today and tomorrow the highs are in the 60s, but it’s been 40s in the am for a few weeks now. i really do love fall (second favorite season what up), but i’m hoping we can keep it temperate until christmas time, as which point i’ll be in florida. say it with me people, NO SNOW TIL DECEMBER!

i am a genius*

mike and i are hosting thanksgiving at our house this year and i am totally making mini pies so that everyone will get the pie favor they like and i’m not stuck with crazy amounts of leftover pie.

*by ‘genius’ i mean ‘person who can find things on pinterest