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and it starts

well since my marriage has already lasted longer than kim kardashian’s i figure it’s safe to start posting some wedding pictures! woo hoo! i already talked about the rehearsal, got into how stressful the rehearsal dinner was for me, and went over the diy stuff i did before even all of that! so right now i’m just going to post some pictures from before the ceremony. we have over 800 amazing photos of our wedding and it’s really hard to pick just a few to share. our photographer eric was awesome and is a really cool guy that we work with! 

anyways, on with the wedding porn!

the hotel that messed up my room, but i guess ultimately was not so bad of a place to spend our first nite as husband and wife. we had cool views of the city

the ring bearer’s pillow from my older sister’s wedding in 1997. i switched out the ribbons so they would match our colors. her youngest son was our ring bearer.

the flower baby’s dress

the flower baby, miss nova

gettin my make up done by jenn jones, who was great and did almost everyone’s make up

my older sister, tarra

the bridemaid’s bouquets

my bouquet!

my dress

you know how it goes…

all ready to go!

my pretty yellow shoes

waiting for the freakin limo

in the lobby with my girls

in the limo; i love that you can see the rabbit in the reflection :)

we’re finally here!!

i should mention it had been colder and cloudy the last like five days leading up to saturday. but as you can see it was perfect on our wedding day 

look how confident i look :/

our programs (also diy)

the boys were in there

internal monologue: i’m getting married in .00000076476132 seconds and i am freaking the fuck out, but i will smile for the camera and try to look cool


the rehearsal dinner

i wish i could say my entire wedding experience was fun and amazing. for the most part it was. i’m a producer so planning, producing and pulling off this sort of stuff is my job. planning our wedding was just like working extended hours, not too bad.

unfortunately for you, my blog is not about making it seem like everything is great and exciting in my life. at some points planning a wedding does suck. mike and i did fight about some things. having five out of town bridesmaids and an entire out of town family makes things worse. but i think everything mike and i went through was pretty standard. we had highs and lows and we had finally made it to the rehearsal dinner!

the rehearsal dinner was when i was at my most worst self. i was stressed out, tired and angry. angry at chicago for its shitty traffic; angry at the hotel for messing up my room; angry at my family for being to crazy; angry at mike for not answering his phone; angry at myself for feeling so disorganized. the whole time getting ready for and walking to the rehearsal dinner i was having a freak out. most of it internally of course.

by the time everyone made it to the restaurant i had not really calmed down. i think the night went well, but i was starting to feel nervous about the next day and it was showing. hopefully everyone else had a good time! all i can say about myself is that i got through it. haha, it sounds like i was miserable- i can promise i wasn’t. i think it was better than i’m making it sound, i can just really remember how stressed i was.

matching sweaters!

the best part by far of the rehearsal dinner was our groom’s cake. a stylist at work made it for us. it was a hit. it tasted delicious (chocolate, chocolate, chocolate) and looked amazing. i mean, look at it! that is a nes!! and our names on the controllers was just the icing on the literally cake (yes, that is a cake pun and yes, i did it on purpose).

oops, they caught us not posing!

yes, smiles. happy. everybody is happy. smiling

the rehearsal

so, the day before our wedding we had our rehearsal, which could be descripted as quick and dirty. we were only supposed to have an hour to run through the ceremony, set up tables and centerpieces and communicate anything and everything to cari, our venue contact. we did end up being there for almost two hours, but, boy, did they go fast! luckily i had the help of my two sisters, my brother, my soon to be brother in law, seven of mike’s friends and my 6 bridesmaids. they all worked like machines to help get everything thing in the venue and looking pretty. as i mentioned before we did go through the ceremony, which was freaky. that’s when i realized holy shit this is happening. this is happening tomorrow. 

of course, by the time we finished we had to hurry back to the hotel to get ready for the rehearsal dinner, which was at 6 pm. chicago rush hour traffic on a friday did help us one bit. by the time we got back to the hotel and got the right room (yes, the first room they gave me had people in it, so that set me back quite a bit time-wise) i didn’t even have time to shower! needless to say at that point i was pretty stressed out. there were only a couple of horrible moments during our wedding weekend and that was definitely one of them.

below are some very blurry pictures for our rehearsal. next up, the rehearsal dinner!

the wedding party

owen had everything under control. so glad he was there!

practicing walking

the guys

the girls

and us!

so many feeeelings

oh man, what a month!! i haven’t been to work in 10 days (AMAZING btw) and in that time i had my family from florida stay at my house, had a rehearsal dinner, met up in chicago with my five best friends, got married, flew in a plane a total of like 20 hours, traveled thru four time zones and vacationed in hawaii for five days!

this week (hopefully) i will begin to fill you in on all the details. first up is the getting ready for the wedding stuff!

date: sept 15th 2011

location: our home in lansing

working on our bunting altar

billy balls! or craspedia if you prefer. i did all the flowers for the wedding, which is why i chose something very simple. i bought them bulk from fiftyflowers.com. i ordered 400 of them!!

some things we made: bridesmaid’s bouquet, boutonnieres and my bouquet!

my sister/maid of honor working on our favors. our favors were shot glasses printed with our names, date and a little bride and groom logo. we put yellow m&m’s in the glass and tied it up with tulle. 

my nephews got to try on their little tuxes

we made a mess, but it was all worth it!

we’re married!

let the games begin

so excited! no work for like two weeks!! and half my family will be here in less than two hours!! and a lot of my friends are coming in today too!!

it’s only thursday, but the official wedding weekend has begun!

lame sauce

so since mike and i got engaged last october i have been on the theknot.com researching everything wedding. what did people do before the internet???

anyways, the message board i follow is the september 2011 brides board. i think i’ve posted like three times, but reading other women’s posts has help me a lot with figuring out what i’m doing. and because we’re going thru everything on the same timeline their concerns shifted with mine from big picture stuff to, more recently, the finer details. now that it is sept 6th a whole group of women on the board got married over labor day weekend. another whole group is getting married in 4 or 5 days!!! i doesn’t know any of these people, but it is seriously freaking me out that they are so close. because that means i’m close too.


high tea

so in july i had my bridal shower with my family and mom’s friends. mike’s mom julie wasn’t able to come so she and one of my bridesmaids, kristen, gathered up what few people i know here and had a sort of “personal” bridal shower thing. last saturday we all went to the palm court at the drake hotel for high tea. it was amazing. there was only eight of us, but it was fun. we had champagne and tea (well, i had a cappuccino) and finger sandwiches, pastries and candies. everything was delicious. it was a bit touristy and not everyone was dressed up, but the room was gorgeous. there was harp player. a harp player!

since it was a “personal” shower I got a few presents from victoria’s secret, but mostly gift cards. I am so thankful for everything. throwing the shower was a really nice thing to do for a girl who has managed to live somewhere for almost three years (wow that’s a long time) and still has yet to make a lot of friends.

day 30: anything you want to write about

my wedding is in 18 days.

it’s official!

we can get married!

yesterday mike and i took a long lunch and a short drive to the loop to go get our marriage license! we had to go underneath the daley center (where apparently they forgot to turn on the ac) wait in line a little bit, and tell some crazy barbados women a lot about ourselves and parents. in 20 minutes we walked out with a fancy license and a new found feeling of dread and excitement. we immediately handed the license to our officiant (who also works with us) and he will keep it til our wedding day. i can’t believe we only have 3 weeks until the wedding. i feel totally unprepared, but really we are. there’s a lot of planning to be done, but we have everything we need really. 

let the real countdown begin!

either i have a mustache fetish or i just finished making our photo booth props!!

my bridal shower

last weekend i flew home to florida on thursday to get ready for my bridal shower. mike did not go with me since he was already out of vacation days for work. I was sad he wasn’t going to be able to pop in for the end of the shower, but i had accepted it.

my sister and her fiance have moved in with my parents while they’re looking for a house in brevard. since she was home it was really nice getting to just hang out with both of my sisters and my mom. i was nervous about the shower. it seemed like my mom and sisters, and even my grandma had done a lot of work and i didn’t want the shower to go bad.

friday night we had dinner and drinks at my family’s restaurant. it was fun and there was karaoke going on so that was cool. at 9:30 i left to go meet up with my friend sarah who is currently going thru a divorce and has started going out more. Well, she surprised me by having mike with her! it was surreal, but sarah had actually driven to orlando to pick mike up for me. and mike actually was coming to the shower. i was so happy and needless to say i stayed out drinking longer than i had originally planned (midnite, haha).

the next day everyone was crazy stressed before the shower, but once everyone started arriving and all the food was out the fun started. it went perfectly. the games weren’t boring and lame; people actually showed up; i had presents to open; there were no lulls at all and the food was delicious. everyone was super nice and got along. i was so nervous about opening presents in front of people and being the center of attention, but there was really no pressure and i actually had a lot of fun. seriously, it went perfect. 

and mike got to pop in and meet everyone and say thank you too. he also got a slice of cake and one present to open just for him. it was awesome. i’m so thankful mike got to come also because with his bag and packing skills we didn’t have to ship anything home. we got it all back safe and sound.

my sisters, mom and grandma did an amazing job- so thankful for them!

picture overload below:

favor/prize table

my grandma made the shell favors!

she also made this beautiful flower arrangement!

publix cake…mmmmm..

me and grandma

fooood table

mike and i

me and my maid of honor

me and my sisters and mom

woo hoo!

all of our wedding invitations are DONE and in the mail!!

just got some flowers from work for free! gonna test out the wedding ideas!